Attenborough Class update

What a fabulous start to David Attenborough Class all the children have made! This week was the first day of your child’s school life and it was a big day for them, you and us too! I want you to know what a privilege it is teach your child. Childen are all different, unique and precious and it is a huge resposibility to become their first teacher. We are incredilbly proud of all the children and how well they have setlled into their new class and getting use to being part of our school community.
They have been very busy exploring and investigating both our indoor and outdoor spaces. We want to make our classroom a place of laughter and learning and we have definetly seen both this week. All the children have enjoyed listening to stories, playing in the home corner, sand pit, water tray and creating their own Birthday crown – ready to wear on their special day at school.
Next week the children will receive their Reading Wallet which includes a book for you to read together along with a Reading Record for you to write down when you have read together. These Wallets should be sent into School everyday. We will use the Reading Record to let you know when we read with your child. Books will be changed on a Monday – please make sure you child brings it in with them.
As the weather becomes more unpredictable please make sure your child has slippers, raincoat, a sunhat and a water bottle. We hope your child has enjoyed school as much as we have enjoyed meeting and getting to know them. If you have any concerns please do come and speak to us at pick up or drop off or via email/telephone and we will do our very best to help.