Attenborough Class update

We have had a fantastic week in Attenborough Class.
In phonics we have introduced the children to CCVC words (Consonant, Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) such as frog, stop, spot, flip. The children have been amazing at recognising the vowels and consonants in each word. We then had a go at creating CCVC flashcards to create a potion for Tricky Witch. We had to write them and then pop them in her cauldron. We have also been reflective and used our phonic knowledge to sort words into real words and rubbish words. The children were very quick at this!!
In English we have continued with ‘Drawing Club’ this week and have been reading the Traditional Tale – Jack and the Beanstalk. The children really liked the setting of the castle at the top of the beanstalk and drew some amazing pictures of what they thought it might look like. We used our creative thinking brains to come up with ideas on how the police could catch Jack, what new treasure the Giant might have and what Jack might buy with all his treasure. The children have the most fantastic imagination and used their Monster Phonics knowledge and wrote the most wonderful descriptive sentences explaining what they have drawn!
In Maths we have started a new phase called ‘To 20 and Beyond’. We have continued to exploring how numbers 11 to 20 are made. We are using the sentence one whole ten and ? more to allow the children to fully understand the concept of numbers bigger than ten. We have been practising putting are numbers 11 – 20 in ascending and descending order. Because the children loved played Bingo last week we had it as Rainbow Challenge for them to play all week. Cheeky Kangaroo has keep us on our toes this week and has been trying to catch us out. He keeps changing numbers, stealing them or turning them upside down. We worked collaboratively to ‘spot the mistake’ he has made and put it right!
In Topic we have been exploring flowers and plants. We have been looking at what a plant needs to grow – food, space, water and light and discussing familiar flowers we have seen such as bluebells, daffodils, poppies and daisies. We learnt the difference between trees and bushes and found examples of them during Forest School. We have been looking at exotic plants and learnt lots of amazing facts about them. Cacti are spiky, air plants don’t need soil, Dragon lilies smell awful and Rafflesia is thought to be the largest flower in the world!! We have also been learning all about the life cycle of a Sunflower. The children were fascinated to learn where Sunflower seeds come from.
Please could you ensure your child brings Wellies and a suitable coat with them on a Wednesday as they will go out whatever the weather.
We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.