Attenborough Class update

We have had another amazing week Attenborough class, especially with the excitement of the wind!
In Phonics we have introduced the Tricky Witch trigraph (three letters that make one sound) ‘air’ as in air, fair, chair, stairs, hair, airport. The children have learnt how to write these words using a phoneme frame and segmenting each word to write them in their own box – fair = f – air.

The children have been using their phonics knowledge to look for air words in very tricky word searches. They all have amazing noticing eyes!
In English we have continued with ‘Drawing Club’ this week and have been reading the story Room on a Broom. We have drawn the Dragon, the swamp, a super fast broomstick for the witch and animals we would like to take on our own broomstick. The children have the most fantastic imagination and used their Monster Phonics knowledge and wrote the most wonderful descriptive sentences explaining what they have drawn!

In Maths we are continuing with our phase ‘Building 9 and 10’. We have been looking at 3D shapes – cuboid, sphere, cone, cylinder and what makes them unique. I then went on a shape hunt around my home and made groups of objects and the children had to guess what shape they were. They got it correct every time! The children then went on a shape hunt around school and found some brilliant examples of 3D shapes. Can they find any at home to show you? We have also been looking at repeating patterns. We started by looking at ABAB patterns (red, green, red, green) and then progressed to tricker repeating patterns such as ABBABB or ABCABC.
In Topic we have been looking at ‘Likes and Dislikes’. We looked at various things such as chocolate, books, rainbows, thunder etc and the children had to decide if they liked or disliked them. We also looked at hobbies and interests and we talked about the importance of them choosing if they liked or disliked it and giving an explanation as to why, not just copying their peers. We then compare what we liked and disliked to those of our Grandparents – thank you to those who filled in the survey! We then talked about similarities and differences between us in the present and our Grandparents in the past. It has been such an interesting topic to discuss.

We have also been busy with a ‘Top Secret Mission’ for a special day on Sunday – we hope you all have a lovely relaxing day.

Please could you ensure your child brings Wellies with them on a Wednesday as they will go out whatever the weather.

On Friday 24th we would like to invite you in for a ‘Book Look’. This is where you can come and look at what your child has been up to this term. This will be instead of our normal reading morning and will run from 8:45 – 9:10.
We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.