Ruby Bridges class weekly update w/e 11/12/2020

This week in Ruby Bridges we have learnt the new sound; ch, sh, th, th and ng. We have also learnt to read the focus words day, play, away, see and of. In maths we have been talking about ordering familiar events and discussing time and measuring short periods of time in simple ways. In Topic we have been discussing prime colours and colour mixing to make new colours. We have painted lots of lovely animals linked to our story and created a class collage of a farm. In PE we had lots of fun doing Mini Muay Thai and Cosmic Yoga. The Year 1s have been learning the a-e, i-e and e-e split digraphs. The new spellings will continue to go onto google classroom, please make sure you have logged into your account so that you can support your child with their spelling test on Friday. In Maths the Years 1s have been continuing with subtraction using pictures and use of a number line. In English we have been using the word ‘and’ to write lots of sentences around our class book. We also had lots of fun making our class crowns for our Christmas song and for our Christmas lunch next week.

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