Glacier Polar & Marine Class update w/e 13 March 2020

It has been another busy week for Year 1 and 2! Science Week has been making us think about how we can be Environmental Superheroes, and do our bit to save the environment. We found out what extinction means and met some unusual animals, including a snake! We discussed ways to reduce plastics and reused plastic bottles to make fish. We found out about climate change and things we can do to help. Also you can ask us why bees are important! 

In English this week, we have been writing our very own versions of “The Fox and the Star” using the fantastic vocabulary we have learnt. 

In Maths, we have begun using non-standard units of measurement (multi-link cubes, dominoes, paper clips, counters etc) and centimetres to compare the length of different items around the classroom.

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