Glacier Marine & Polar Class Update 31 Jan 20

Yet another busy week for Year 1 and 2! We have been investigating animals and finding different ways to group them – amphibian, reptile, mammal, bird, fish, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We have named different body parts and used all that wonderful knowledge and vocabulary to create and describe our own Bizarre Beasts!

In maths we have been exploring practical and written methods for division.

In phonics Mrs Duffield’s group (Orcas) have recapped the graphemes  -oe, -ph, -wh, -ew.

Seals group has -ar, -or, -er, -ur.

Albatross group has been learning how to use an apostrophe to contract words: I have – I’ve, can not – can’t, would not – wouldn’t, I will – I’ll.

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