Orangutan Class 11th Nov

We’ve had another busy week in Orangutan Class. In phonics we have learnt to read the word ‘and’ and learnt the new sounds g, o, c and k. We have also been very busy writing words using the sounds we have learnt, such as; tap, pat, pig, pip, pin etc

In maths we have been learning about more and fewer. We played a game linked to this which involved lots of number recognition, counting and discussions about more and less. Lots of fantastic EYFS activities can be found on the Nrich website. nrich.maths.org/13372

In topic we have been learning all about Bonfire Night and why it is special. We were lucky enough to hold and use sparkler each, so that we could talk about how to use them safely. We also learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why he is remembered on the 5th November

The children have been reading their new books beautifully, well done. Please remember to only have one book at any time, we don’t have enough to have more than one per child. Well done Orangutan class, another fabulous week!

PLEASE make sure your child has a fresh water bottle every day. Thank you

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