School Closure Update Thursday Afternoon

Dear Federation Parents

Currently (Thursday lunchtime) there are many road closures in and around Bacton and Mundesley because of high winds drifting the snow. There are also Met Office amber weather warnings for the area. Unless the weather, and in particular road conditions, drastically improve during the day, then there is a likelihood of continued school closure tomorrow (Friday). However, following risk assessments from those who live between Norwich and the coast and those ‘on the ground’, I will confirm this in the normal way before 7 am, Friday morning.

I appreciate that this may be causing families inconvenience for which I apologise. Closing schools are never easy or an exact science, as it’s a balance between child/staff safety and the loss of learning time. I want to give you as much warning as possible for a potential closure.

Please check the Norfolk School Closures website between 6 and 7 for confirmation

Simon Wakeman

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