MIS Christmas Performance 2018

2018 was the year of ‘Lights, Camel, ACTION!’  The children put on a fantastic show of tango dancing inn-keepers, funky camels and disco stars.  They did an amazing job and we are very proud of how well they worked together.

Christmas Craft Afternoon with our Families

We had a great afternoon, making a range of Christmas crafts with our families at school.  We made candy cane decorations, snowmen with our names on, paper wreaths, necklaces and used everything sparkly we could find.  Sorry Mr Woodbridge…it may take a little longer to clean our classrooms today!

Family Bingo Night

An enormous thank you to those who came and/or supported our first family bingo night at MIJS.  Everyone we spoke to said they had a great night and we can’t wait to plan another one next term.

Alongside the movie nights we held, you helped us raise £624.52!!  We are currently in discussions about the next stage of our field development so plan to use the money towards some of this project.  The school councils will be meeting this term to discuss possible options which we will share with you in the near future. We’d like to publicly thank our bingo caller Maggie who kindly gave up her time to lead the proceedings.

Thank you again for your support, it’s very much appreciated and means we can continue to improve the things we can offer your children.

School Councils Learn About Democracy

On Thursday 15th November Kym from The Co-Op came to talk to the school council about democracy.  Kym told us all about how the Co-Op was set up and how they formed a council.  We thought about how this compared with our own and realised we were voted and formed in the same way.

Kym also shared some chocolate with us to teach us about the importance of fair trade.  Did you know, that in the UK we eat 50 billion bananas every year!?

The Heads’ Meeting

2nd November 2018

On Friday 2nd of November we held our ‘Heads’ Meeting’ – it’s called ‘Head’s Meeting because it involves all of the Heads across our Federation – Mrs Hutt (Head of Schools MIJS), Mr Hopkins (Head of School Bacton), Mr Wakeman (Executive Head), Mrs Edwards (Chair of Govs) and our 3 Head Girls (Sarah-Jane, Charley and Daisy) 3 Head Boys (Patrick, Nathan and Noah)

We met at a local cafe to have a drink and a piece of cake and then talked about all sorts of school related issues.  We started by asking them to fill in an OfSTED Pupil Survey which helped us to understand how they feel about school life.  More detail on that later.

We then asked them to tell us what they liked about being a Head Girl/Boy – they said that they liked; doing assemblies, visiting the foodbank, reading out poems for Harvest, Tours of the schools involving meet and greets.  We also asked them what else they would like to do and they said they’d like to; perhaps have a place on the News Sheet to write something, do a whole school assembly by themselves (perhaps to do with online-bullying during Anti-bullying week) and help us to see how they could improve the schools further by completing an evaluation with us.

As you can see from the photographs, whilst we worked very hard, we also had some fun which is what being a good Head Girl and Boy is all about – balancing learning with having fun!

We will be meeting again after Christmas

Mr Wakeman

Hedgehogs Visit

We had a visit from some very prickly characters – some hedgehogs! They visited us from Hedgehog Haven, a local hedgehog rescue. Every class visited them and found out about hedgehogs, how they are declining in this country and some things we can do to help them. This includes checking under your bonfires on November 5th!

We watched the lady give the hedgehogs a drink of water from the syringe and even had a little turn at stroking them. They felt a bit like a chestnut shell.

MIS Art/Topic Day – October 2018

On Wednesday 10th October, the infants all took part in a whole day of art and craft around the theme of ‘Ahoy There’.  We all had a great time painting in the style of famous artists, completing observational drawings, making our own creations from ‘junk’ and creative bottles.  Please pop in during weekly pop ins to wonder at our work!

MIS School Council visit the Food Bank

On Tuesday 16th October, the school council visited the food bank to deliver the food we collected at the harvest festival.  We learnt about how the food bank works, who they help and where the food comes from.  We asked lots of questions and recorded the answers so we could share it back in school in assembly.  We have displayed our photos, information we gathered and a letter we have written thanking the food bank for their time on our board in school.  Come and have a look!

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